Graphic Design

Identity. Logos, Icons

Collateral. Business cards to catalogs, and the design of everything printed.

Signage and Displays. Retail signage, point-of-purchase displays, trade show banners, and print/digital displays.

Product Packaging. Concept development through final artwork design for packaging that helps products jump off the shelf.

Branded Apparel. Branded Apparel. Embroidered hats, uniforms, screen-printed apparel and more.

Digital Painting/Illustration. Elements of fine art crafted digitally to created a mood or tell stories in print, by video, or online.


3d Visualization

Custom 3d Modeling. Create a 3d model from a CAD mechanical, die-lines or sketch.

Turntable Animations. High frame-rate turntable animations perfectly consistent across diverse products.

Virtual Studio Photography. 3d visualizations of a product in any studio setting or real-world environment imaginable.

Variation Renderings. Material and layout variations depicted accurately and consistently.

Composite Imagery. Computer rendered imagery blended seamlessly with real-world photography.

Motion Graphics and VFX.3D logo animations and other visual effects for video production purposes. COMING SOON!

Architectural Visualization.Stylized and photorealistic exteriors, interiors, walk-throughs of built environments. COMING SOON!


Web Development & Design

Web Publications.Rich interactive digital publications for a responsive experience. We can match a print publication to a digital version for a seamless experience.

Product Showcase Microsites.Rich, stand-alone web experiences that can escape the creative constraints of existing platforms.

Product Catalog Websites. Modern online catalogs with sophisticated and intuitive search functionality.

E-Commerce Websites. Compelling shopping experiences built atop platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce and Django.

Startup Microsites.Startup Microsites. Concentrated creativity and messaging delivering high-impact for budget constrained small-businesses.

CMS-Powered Websites. Easy to edit and update sites built atop content management systems like WordPress and Django.

Mobile Apps. Informational, promotional, and other iOS and Android apps, especially for marketing applications.


Photo of Me

I am a freelance designer & web developer with over 20+ years experience. I specialize in 3d visuals/modeling for packaging and products, full stack web development with experience in DevOps. Working in a variety of environments from large national companies to small design studios, I have a wide range of experience in print, 3D and web .

I have extensive real world experience and training in Python, PHP, SQL, Javascript, CSS, HTML, Linux, Shell scripting creating web sites, apps, micro sites, e-commerce and setting up Linux servers for hosting.

I love to integrate and mix different mediums of artist skills to my projects, whether it be composite imagery, 3d or 2d illustrations and animations.

From years of experience & training, I am highly skilled at creating 3d visualizations from die-lines, CAD drawings for packaging, products and architecture.

A large tool in my arsenal are free (libre) and open-source software for graphics & development, including: Blender, Inkscape, Scribus, Krita and GIMP for design & Django, Flask and Wordpress for development. By using and supporting open-source software, I join with others in shaping a world where everyone can afford to be creative in the digital realm. Please support open-source projects! Either by contributing or giving funds.


"Dave Vineis Graphic Design has been absolutely fantastic to work with, I only wish I could of been using them a lot earlier on in my business ! ! His imaginivtive mind and knowledge of design makes my job a whole lot easier and speeds up the process for my clients at the same time, seldom many if any changes to be made to his creative makes for a quick and fast process of getting out our jobs !! We look forward in continuing our great working relationship with Dave Vineis Graphic Design for many years to come !! --WESS MARKETING”

"I have worked with many designers over the last two decades, several in graphic and industrial design, and many in web design -- even with a detailed design brief, most needed hand-holding or close supervision, in designing what was in the brief. The anticipation and intuition was not evident in their approach -- but, not with David. He was able to grasp the central objective of the design brief, and pursue alternative concepts tightly, for presentation -- as a client, this was quite gratifying. I cannot say enough about David's design acuity, and his ability to coalesce all the elements of communication into a powerful targeted message. Kudos, for a brilliant designer!"
--- CEO, Satyalu+Kristi Media, USA

"Dave Vineis’s exceptional partnership and timely, powerful efficiency as a design/web specialist is what pulled my book generosity-GENROZT from manuscript to the published book within eight weeks last Fall. Dave had designed my website – clear and inviting, so I knew he’d build a powerful extension for the book. And he did, linking the two sites and working through the glitches and gaps that make my site pop up high on an Internet search. Then he extended his work into a Facebook site too, of course.
From creative thinking to design recommendations, from effective planning sessions to line-by-line edits, from big ideas to small details Dave was my indispensable go-to guy.
Best of all, he has an entrepreneur’s attitude about the work he’s doing: insightful, creative, functional, and timely."
Stephen M. Kahnert, Generosity Coach | Author, generosity-GENROZT

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